Formula 1 fan Black Friday Cyber Monday gift guide

In the United States, it hasn’t been easy to be a Formula 1 fan. Based on my own fandom that spans the better part of three decades, I’ve spent thousands on F1 memorabilia and merch. And I know very well that Formula 1 fans are no strangers to spending exorbitant amounts of money to support […]

Lucas Brito: Forging a Career as a Motorsport Content Producer

Audio and video interview with one of the top creators in the space I had the pleasure of sitting down (virtually) with Lucas Brito, someone I believe is one of the most innovative and creative folks in motorsport. Lucas adapts his love of extreme sports to bring a fresh perspective on what motorsport creators can […]

Netflix Effect in Australia?

Australian GP organizers seeing unprecedented demand The once-unprecedented times look to be nearing an end for one of the strictest countries on earth — Australia. It’s been over 1,100 days since we’ve been racing at Albert Park in Melbourne following the postponement of the Australian Grand Prix in 2021, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The […]

Something Everyone in F1 Agrees On

Ferrari winning makes the sport better While the 2021 Formula 1 season gave us Max Verstappen’s “Orange Army” versus Lewis Hamilton’s “Team LH”, everyone can agree that Formula 1 is so much better when Ferrari is at the top. And as Sebastian Vettel so precisely said, “everybody’s a Ferrari fan”. Last year gave us two […]

This Ain't Bernie's F1

The Liberty Media market saturation strategy is working Pole Position Whew! That was a wild three-week stretch of races. It feels like yesterday we were in a rain-soaked Spa for the Belgian GP, and now we’re just two races from the end of the season. Here’s where we stand after the inaugural Qatar GP: Drivers […]

Learning From F1 Regret

Hamilton goes undercover We’re exploring the world of Formula 1 through a business, content, and media lens. If you’d like to read and listen to our work directly from your inbox, subscribe now. Hey friends, It’s Friday, which means so much happens during the week that we surely didn’t talk about it all. Here are […]

How does Formula 1 Make Money?

Not too long ago, Formula One was a bit of a mess. Much of the problems came from former F1 boss, Bernie Ecclestone and the spiderweb of holding companies he was involved with.

The series even shed 12% of its value—more than $1 billion—in less than five years.