The Las Vegas Grand Prix and T-Mobile have signed an exclusive 5G wireless partnership.

As part of the deal, T-Mobile will provide 5G Advanced Network Solutions at the circuit as well as the all-new Paddock building.

The telecom provider will make the infrastructure upgrade necessary to permanently boost its 5G network around the 3.8-mile course as well as in the new paddock, garages, and pits. As part of a race launch party this Saturday 5 November, T-Mobile’s network will help operate a show with 400 drones illuminating the sky. (T-Mobile is also a partner of and investor in the Drone Racing League.)

T-Mobile also pledges to offer fans immersive, 5G-powered experiences, although details have not yet been announced. Verizon deployed its 5G ultra-wideband network in a similar fashion for the inaugural Miami F1 Grand Prix last May.