Was it just me, or did that summer break feel like a full year went by?

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Like many, I am glad to be back at Spa Francorchamps for the Belgian Grand Prix this weekend (tomorrow if you count practice).

I will keep this update short because I want you to check out the amazing report we put together for you.

During the break, we were crunching a lot of data around the social media activity from the first half of the season, and I’m proud to present our F1 Mid-Season Social Media Report.

We put this together completely FREE for you to dissect, discuss and share amongst your friends, on social media, and your company.

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Here’s one of my favorite grabs from the report. Red Bull is the marketing machine that snagged P1 regarding brand value from Formula 1 content.

The post-level data breaks down how much value brands, drivers, and teams get from a post where a logo is visible in photos, videos, or text mentions. It’s pretty impressive stuff.

One of my other favorite sections in the report is the top campaign. Salesforce x Driver of the Day was the clear winner, and you’ll see examples of how the Salesforce logo is used in posts to increase brand awareness.

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Now that the season has resumed, we’re off break too. If you’re interested in more insights like this, let me know by replying directly to this email.