Audio and video interview with one of the top creators in the space

I had the pleasure of sitting down (virtually) with Lucas Brito, someone I believe is one of the most innovative and creative folks in motorsport.

Lucas adapts his love of extreme sports to bring a fresh perspective on what motorsport creators can achieve.

He has worked as a Producer/Fixer for foreign journalists during the entirety of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, as well as an Assistant Producer and local coordinator for American news agency Associated Press during the 2014 Brazil FIFA World Cup.

He comes from a Brazilian background, however, has lived most of his life in Europe. He is passionate about traveling, outdoor sports, surfing, filming, and editing and it shows through in all his work.

I learned about Lucas through this video:

Full video here:

Now mutual friend, Charlie Thomas messaged me to let me know it was Lucas that had created this video and when I asked more questions about it, we were connected.

This video is of Jean Alesi driving Niki Lauda’s Ferrari 312B3 through the streets of Monaco for the Historic Grand Prix. The perspective was different. It’s immersive. It feels like a video game. It showcases the notes of the Ferrari’s flat-12 so well.

I find a lot of motorsport content to be relatively the same. There doesn’t seem to be much originality anymore, so when I see something new or different, it makes me want to know more about why it was made that way. The how’s are easy.

In this conversation, Lucas talks a bit about what inspires him and gives other creators tips on how to make cool stuff.

Full video of our conversation here:

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