F1 teams strut their stuff

Ferrari ($RACE) posted strong earnings as they jump 14% in Q4 profit. All geographic regions posted double-digit growth. Shipments were driven by the F8 family, along with the Ferrari Roma and the SF90 Stradale, which reached global distribution.

Good evening friends-

While the Formula 1 season is quickly approaching, there’s still so much to happen before we kick off in Bahrain.

This week kicks off the start of livery announcements from the teams (although Haas already did their launch last week).

Red Bull comes up first on Wednesday morning EST.

I have the pleasure of partnering with my friends at Oracle and Red Bull to bring you the live stream of the launch on my Twitter account. Be sure to follow me over there to be notified as soon as they go live.

Sir Lewis Hamilton Returns to Social Media with a Bang

On Saturday afternoon, Sir Lewis returned to social media with a simple post that he’s returned.

After nearly a two-month hiatus from social media, F1 Twitter went crazy for the content, as I reported on my Twitter account, 22 million impressions in the first five hours.

The curious thing here is that the official F1 channel chose not to quote the tweet Lewis’ post, rather, they reworked the post and it did significantly lower numbers than Lewis’. Ironically, it was also their most popular post of the past couple of months. 🤷‍♂️

Now that he’s back, he’s been in NYC and back in London running with Angela.

Ferrari Looking to the Metaverse

While you may not see a fully electric Ferrari in the immediate future, we will see the prancing horse as a player in the metaverse. Let’s take a look at a few moves that prove CEO Benedetto Vigna is thinking web3 and beyond.

Last year Ferrari made its yet-to-be-released 296 GTB model drivable in the Fortnite video game.

Scuderia Ferrari recently partnered with Swiss blockchain company Velas Blockchain, a deal that includes launching exclusive digital products and experiences for Scuderia’s fans.

Ferrari has also set up a department focusing on exploring opportunities arising from the space that blends virtual reality, gaming, and social media. The push also includes technologies such as blockchain and non-fungible tokens. Here’s what Vigna had to say:

It’s important that we look and we see how the new technologies can help our brand. For sure, the digital technologies, the Web 3.0 technologies that are using the blockchain and the NFT is an area that can be interesting for us. It deserves some attention.

There are many as you know, there is a lot of movement on the market about this. Some companies even changed name, and I think this is an area where we have to put our attention.